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Water Systems

Tankstands The Comet Steel Tankstand is the ideal structure for supporting a water storage tank which needs to be elevated for a pressure supply. When properly erected on correct foundations Comet Tankstands withstand wind gales with safety. Designed so that accuracy and ease of assembly are assured, heavy steel footplates are welded to angle steel [...]


Comet Windmill pumps are all single acting—the best for windmills. Construction of high strength gunmetal bronze ensure lasting efficiency. Great news in today’s throwaway society. Comet manufactures a standard range to suit any condition and can also supply custom made sizes on request.   STANDARD RANGE Flush End Pumps Ideal for pumping from bores or […]

Comet Windmills Australia Pty Ltd

For over 130 years the company has successfully pumped water in the Australian Outback. They are legendary for sensitivity, simplicity and great strength. Their mills are low in maintenance, highly efficient and a long term sustainable investment. The initial cost will be the last with their Mills and they require a drop of oil perhaps […]