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Comet Windmill pumps are all single acting—the best for windmills. Construction of high strength gunmetal bronze ensure lasting efficiency. Great news in today’s throwaway society.

Comet manufactures a standard range to suit any condition and can also supply custom made sizes on request.



Flush End Pumps

Ideal for pumping from bores or wells at total elevations to 200ft. Suitable for general use.

  1. Sizes: 1¾, 2 , 2¼, 2½, 3, 3½, 4, 4½, 5, and 6 inches
  2. Gun metal bronze construction
  3. Leather or rubber buckets
  4. 12” stroke
  5. Larger sizes available on request


Syphon Pumps


Ideal for pumping surface water from dams, rivers, turkey nests, earth tanks and for forcing water at high pressures.

The seamless brass barrel is encased in the extra strong cast body. Its flanged outlet enables the pump to be dismantled without disturbing the delivery or suction pipelines.

  1. Sizes: 1¾, 2 , 2¼, 2½, 3, 3¼, 3½, 4, 4½, 5, and 6 inches
  2. Leather or rubber buckets
  3. Vertical or side discharge (pictured)
  4. Heavy duty casting
  5. 12” stroke
  6. Larger sizes available on request



Draw Plunger Pumps

Stainless Steel Sleeve Valve Draw Plunger pumps are heavy duty units designed for bore pumping at great depths and high efficiency. Comet’s Heavy Duty Draw Plunger pumps have been working for many years at depths of over 500 feet. The ‘draw plunger’ feature permits raising of the pump plunger and bottom valve to the surface without disturbing the delivery column.

Sleeve valve pumps are ideal for the exacting demands of continuous deep bore pumping. Stainless steel valves and seats are standard.

  1. Sizes: 1¾ , 2 , 2¼, 2½, 3, 3¼ and 4¼ inches
  2. Deep bore pumping over 250ft depths
  3. Ideal for hard or dirty water
  4. Heavy duty pumps
  5. Sleeve valve
  6. 24” stroke

Click to download Comet’s Comparison to Solar PDF.


  1. I would like some more information on your syphon pumps, I have to pump from 1 dam to another over 150m and up around 70m to a header tank. I want to look at putting in a basic windmill setup as I’m totally off grid.

  2. Can I please have an idea of price for a windmill pump and what measurements you would need

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