There are many reasons to install a Comet Windmill. The most basic one being to access water that is otherwise hard to reach from bores or rivers. The other factor to be considered today is for the environment. Renewable energy is the future need of communities across the world. A product that has free energy from the wind and lasts longer than any machine, whitegoods or electrical appliances today is known as the Comet Windmill. Proven for over 130 years.

Are you Windmills pollution free?

Windmills convert wind into mechanical energy with zero net CO2 emissions therefore lowering your impact on the environment. Installing a Comet Windmill will help reduce your carbon footprint. Wind is a powerful energy resource that is freely available and will never run out. Australia is rated as one of the best wind resource sites in the world. The technology to harvest energy from wind has been used for hundreds of years and is being widely used around the world today. Windmills are a very effective method used as a non-polluting and efficient source of energy to pump and transfer water for many applications. In fact we can help meet Australia’s targets while minimising harmful greenhouse gas emissions by using a windmill for your water needs. The Comet Windmill also operates without emitting any noise or damage to the environment or wildlife. It is interesting to note that most PV solar panels are made from silicon and include potentially toxic metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Comet windmills are 100% recyclable after a known life span of over 50 years.

Are your windmills safe?

Contrary to what you might be told windmills are not unsafe, when you look at recorded accidents on farms there are more accidents on four wheel quad bikes and with stock such as horses then there are with windmills. In fact Workplace Health and Safety will tell you that windmills represent less than 1% of accidents on rural properties. The Australian Windmill Contractors Association has developed a Code of Practice for safe conduct when working on a windmill to protect workers and owners. All Comet towers are designed with a high safety factor. The modern 4-post design and heavy steel construction provides greater stability to stand firm in strong winds. Four posts will always be stronger and safer than three. Unlike other windmill designs Comet Windmills have a unique galvanised steel platform with anti-slip grate floor, perimeter toe plate and heavy duty support angles. The large platform area provides a safe environment to carry out maintenance. For further information please refer to the Windmill Hazard Checklist or check out the associations website:

How long do they last?

The Comet Windmill has been proven in the harsh Australian desert for over 130 years backing up claims of long life and sustainability. A maintained windmill can last many years with a little oil and checking bolts every six months to keep the windmill performing at its’ best. From our experience the Comet Windmill outlasts many other water pumps time after time. Most solar panels only last up to 20 years. They also have some amount of power loss due to dirt, debris, bird droppings, or plant materials present on the panels. Not only does this represent a financial loss for the owner but shines a spotlight on the importance of maintaining clean solar panels. Even fleeting clouds can have an impact. The upfront cost of purchasing and installing solar panels may also be prohibitive for some people.

No other renewable energy product made today can back up over 130 years of proven performance and quality.

Are there any fuel or power costs?

Unlike fossil fuels, wind is a virtually untapped and abundant source of free, clean and perennial energy. It does not rise in price like oil and is not governed by market forces.This has to be the main draw card for the Comet Windmill. The initial outlay for the windmill is quickly offset by the reduction in your fuel or power bill. All you need is a breeze, and the windmill will start pumping. Many electric and diesel pumps are expensive and costly to run and require technical experts to fix any problems. If there is no power supply at the site this can be costly as well. Windmills can be placed anywhere to access water. There are no limitations on site conditions for a windmill to work efficiently. The many sizes we have to offer can be used to design a system to suit your specific needs.

What ongoing maintenance do they require?

As wind is an energy resource that is free and infinite, wind energy has no fuel cost, no fuel supply risk and low operation and maintenance costs. The Comet Windmill has been designed to be self sufficient requiring very little attention during the normal remote operation of a windmill. All steel work is hot dip galvanised, and the principal parts are cast from heavy duty materials giving longer life. In today’s throwaway society we feel it is important to provide a product that has long life and is low maintenance to cater for busy lifestyles.

How do they cope with remote locations and bad weather?

The Comet Windmill operates under all climatic extremes from snow fields and arid deserts, to tropical cyclones where they run without supervision for long periods of time. There is no need for skilled technicians or tradesmen to erect, maintain or troubleshoot. Our experienced staff are only too happy to help.  The Comet Windmill is ideal for developing countries or remote areas as they eliminate the need for fuel or access to power lines. Because the Comet Windmill is powerful enough to push water for many miles it eliminates the need for women and children to cart water many miles to their villages. The simple design of our windmills also means that anyone who likes to tinker can erect and maintain the windmill. The long life is also desirable as this means less maintenance costs over its life then any other water pump available today and no worries with breakdown as they are easy to fix.

How far can the water be pumped?

The powerful action of the Comet Windmill can push the water (depending on the size of the windmill head, and the pump diameter) up to 1,000ft. Apart from this, distance is not much of an issue.

Do I have to use genuine Comet spare parts?

Comet does not endorse the use of non genuine parts as it causes more damage to your windmill over its life. Companies claiming to make parts suitable for Comet Windmills and stating that these parts are stronger or better, have no grounds or proven experience to guarantee or make these claims. Genuine Comet parts have been made for over 130 years of unfailing quality from certified engineer drawings and are guaranteed under the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

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