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Water Systems


The Comet Steel Tankstand is the ideal structure for supporting a water storage tank which needs to be elevated for a pressure supply.

When properly erected on correct foundations Comet Tankstands withstand wind gales with safety. Designed so that accuracy and ease of assembly are assured, heavy steel footplates are welded to angle steel leg sections. The diagonal braces are flat steel bars, crossed in pairs so that they safely transfer the tensile loads imposed by winds from any direction. The bearers, joists and decking for Comet Tankstands are of the strongest and most durable material. Sizes are to individual requirements and range from 1 metre to 18 metres in height for volumes of 200 litres to 160,000 litres.



Low Pressure Sizes range from 1, 1¼, 1½, 2, 2½, 3   4”

  • Rugged gunmetal bronze construction
  • Maximum flow through enlarged waterway
  • Protected hinge to prevent valve from sticking in hard water
  • Adjustable height with simple wedge design



The original Comet steel frame portable troughing is still available. Custom made options to required lengths or coupled side by side are available. Call us today and we will help you design a Quality System to suit your requirements. Available in sections of 8ft. Total length 24ft




  1. Hi, we live in hilly country our reservoir is on a hill that is at an elevation of 150 metres above the river. We currently use a diesel pump to pump water. Just wondering if a windmill could pump up out of the river to the height of our reservoir? And how much roughly would it be?

  2. Hello, i qm looking into getting a windmill to proved my stock with water. I run around 100 cattle and 400 ewes so a flow rate to accommodate them is what i require.
    Would you be able to help ? If so could you please get back to me with some options and quotes.
    Cheers Joe

  3. What about shipping to Kenya? What would be the cost to ship in a container? Can local people construct and erect it?

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