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Comet Windmills release new range of ‘Display’ mills

Comet Windmills releases its new range of DISPLAY mills for an attractive addition of an iconic part of Australian history to your driveway entrance or garden feature. These new mills are purely for display aesthetic purposes only and not for pumping water. They move, spin, turn and do everything that a normal water pumping windmill [...]

Comet launches discounted prices of its two smallest mills

“Comet Windmills Australia announces the launch at discounted prices of its two smallest mills, the 8ft & 10FT C Pattern, purely aimed at buyers wanting an iconic piece of Australian outback agricultural history added to their property purely for aesthetics and a great addition to things like driveway entrances and gardens. These mills cannot pump [...]

Borehole Systems

Medium Depth Windmill Pull Rod A pull rod for shallow to medium depth bores with corrosive water a lifetime alternative. FEATURES Extra heavy duty H.T. polpro materials 26mm OD (nom) Wear and kink resistant. Tough for long life Long deep threads for maximum strength Not effected by corrosive water Easy to assemble. Will replace most […]

Windmill Spare Parts

Design and construction of genuine Comet parts consists of high quality materials that has been used for over 130 years and proven to outlast any other materials used today. Comet does not endorse the use of non-genuine parts as it causes more damage to your windmill over its life.