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Windmill Spare Parts

Design and construction of genuine Comet parts consists of high quality materials that has been used for over 130 years and proven to outlast any other materials used today.

Comet does not endorse the use of non-genuine parts as it causes more damage to your windmill over its life. Companies claiming to make parts suitable for Comet Windmills and stating that these parts are stronger or better have no grounds or proven experience to guarantee or make these claims. Genuine Comet parts have been made by this company for over 130 years of unfailing quality from certified engineer drawings.

At Comet Windmills Australia we consider safety and quality an important factor when considering what parts to use, and, who to use to complete the windmill repairs. Call us to find out who we recommend.

If you require a windmill mechanic please contact our office for details on 02 6568 3711.

A safety checklist is available to download from our site and complete erection instructions are available from the office.

Spare Parts

The full range of spare parts to suit any sized Comet windmill that has ever been manufactured can be supplied direct from our factory. By purchasing genuine Comet Windmill spare parts you are supporting an Australian owned and managed company. This great Australian Icon is probably one of the last remaining Australian owned companies today.

Click here to download Comet Windmill’s Spare Parts Catalogue 2010.

Overhaul Kits

Selected parts that make up complete assemblies have been packaged together to form repair kits to replace common worn parts of the Comet windmill. Years of experience has taught us that to save time and money it is better to use overhaul and repair kits that will keep the mill running at its best. With the many options available there will be a kit to suit your needs and budget.

Wheel Replacement Kits

Suitable when you need the windmill wheel replaced without any main working parts consisting of sails, wheel arms, rims, brackets, and bolts.

Adjustable Pressure Relief Valves

(Bronze body, brass bonnet, stainless spring)

  • 32mm (1 ¼”) Bronze Adjustable 200kpa to 1000kpa – $288.44 + gst
  • 40mm (1 ½”) Bronze Adjustable 200kpa to 1000kpa – $317.90 + gst

Download Current Price List – Updated March 2017

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