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April 15 2016 0Comment

Windmill Spare Parts

Design and construction of genuine Comet parts consists of high quality materials that has been used for over 130 years and proven to outlast any other materials used today. Comet does not endorse the use of non-genuine parts as it causes more damage to your windmill over its life.

April 15 2016 0Comment

Windmill Training

Comet Windmills Australia has been providing windmill erection and maintenance training to the Australian Defence Force soldiers for the past 3 years. The training that we provide supports the efforts of the Australian Defence Force in their rebuilding programs in Afghanistan. This has led to the successful introduction of new technology to the people of [...]
April 15 2016 0Comment

Water Systems

Tankstands The Comet Steel Tankstand is the ideal structure for supporting a water storage tank which needs to be elevated for a pressure supply. When properly erected on correct foundations Comet Tankstands withstand wind gales with safety. Designed so that accuracy and ease of assembly are assured, heavy steel footplates are welded to angle steel [...]
April 15 2016 3Comments

Sustainable Solutions

Wind is a powerful energy resource that is freely available and will never run out. Australia is rated as one of the best wind resource sites in the world.┬áThe technology to harvest energy from wind has been used successfully for hundreds of years and is being widely used around the world today. By choosing a […]