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Sustainable Solutions

Wind is a powerful energy resource that is freely available and will never run out. Australia is rated as one of the best wind resource sites in the world. The technology to harvest energy from wind has been used successfully for hundreds of years and is being widely used around the world today.

By choosing a renewable energy powered pump you ARE reducing your impact on the environment.

Comet Windmills Australia is a proud supporter of renewable energy in all forms that eliminate the need for fossil fuel based energy. Wind, and other renewable energy sources are all naturally occurring and inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels such as diesel, gas and coal fired electricity.

It is interesting to note that Comet windmills are 100% recyclable with a known life span of over 50 years with little attention.

Windmills are not unsafe. There are more recorded accidents on four wheel quad bikes and livestock then there are with windmills. In fact Workplace Health and Safety state that windmills represent less than 1% of accidents on rural properties. The Australian Windmill Contractors Association has developed a Code of Practice for safe conduct when working on a windmill to protect workers and owners.

Windmills can be placed anywhere to access water. There are no limitations on site conditions for a windmill to work efficiently. The many applications where Comet Windmills have been used include; domestic water; pumping from any water source -deep bores, shallow wells, rivers, dams; livestock watering; irrigation; dewatering; effluent transfer; aquaculture; horticulture and viticulture; educational; eco tourism.

Check Department of the Environment, Water, Heritages & the Arts and the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator.

Call us to find out if we can help with your water needs. A trouble free, low maintenance windmill might be the solution you need.


  1. can we use windmills to create electricity??

  2. Hi Paula, unfortunately not at this time, I guess the same as wind turbines for electricity that can’t pump water.

    We can certainly help if you need to pump water 🙂

  3. On my property we have 6 comet 10ft mills using syphon pumps. The oldest was erected in 1951 and apart from bucket replacement and a new barrel in the pump 5 ys ago and a yearly oiling it has not missed a beat. I very much doubt a solar pump will last as long. The carbon footprint of the mill is well in negetive values for those that worry about such. Livestock ony care if there is water in the trough!! 🙂

  4. I see that some 4y ago Paula asked the question do you have windmills that can generate power. 4y on has this changed as we would like to install one to charge our lithium battery tower?


  5. I am at Nowra hill nsw and I have a dressage arena that need watering and very interested in putting in a windmill and they are also very beautiful

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