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Comet Windmills release new range of ‘Display’ mills

Comet Windmills releases its new range of DISPLAY mills for an attractive addition of an iconic part of Australian history to your driveway entrance or garden feature.

These new mills are purely for display aesthetic purposes only and not for pumping water. They move, spin, turn and do everything that a normal water pumping windmill would do apart from they don’t contain the parts required for this, hence our ability to reduce the prices.

They come in two manufactured options – a fully galvanised look for that new metal shiny look and more protection from the weather if you are near the ocean or a RAW metal look for that authentic outback rustic look. “


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  1. I am looking for advice, comment, help, and pricing for a new windmill to go on a new bore to be installed near Waroona south of Perth on my son in law and daughters property. They are too busy to spend the time getting info and pricing etc so I am operating on their behalf

    Blair Farquhar

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