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Beware of non-comet advertised genuine parts

It has come to our attention that a customer recently purchased (actually paid for the parts over 3 months ago) some non-genuine Comet Windmill 14FT replacement parts from an online website located in Bathurst. He received the parts after a 3 month wait only to find that the parts could not be fitted. The only way he described that they could have been fitted was with a sledge hammer and he was then fearful of how he would ever get them out if needed to be replaced.

Take a look at the photos which clearly show the difference between the genuine cast Comet connecting rod (painted red) and the non-genuine fabricated part. The genuine Comet part weighs 6KG and the non-genuine part weighs 4.5KG for a 12FT/14FT connecting rod.

Also take a look at the non-genuine part that has failed and worn significantly where it connects to the crosshead. Again this part was approximately 0.75KG lighter than the genuine Comet 8FT/10FT connecting rod.

In approximately 2 weeks Comet will have all genuine cast parts available for immediate delivery  in our Major and Minor Overhaul kits for 8FT, 10FT, 12FT and 14FT mills along with the majority of all other parts including wheel assemblies.

We strongly advise that you contact us directly to discuss your parts and maintenance needs leading into our spring/summer seasons.

Comet – Australia’s Leading Mill for over 100 years !!

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