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October 04 2017 1Comment

Comet v Geared Mills

All Comet mills work on the direct acting principle, by the use of a single-throw crankshaft, and so there are only three working parts. They are the driving shaft which is integral with the wind, wheel and crank, the connecting rod and the crosshead. The swivel and drawbar are not really working parts for the […]

May 18 2017 4Comments

Where did the big ones go?

One of the largest wind wheel sizes produced in Australia was for the 35ft [10. 7 metre] Comet ‘B’ Pattern windmill. These were made by ‘Sidney Williams & Co’. Only fifteen of them seem to have been produced. The first six were made in Rockhampton, Queensland from 1915 to 1922, and the others were made […]

April 10 2017 0Comment

Tax Concessions for Primary Producers

Accelerated depreciation for primary producers In the 2015-16 Federal Budget, the government announced that it will allow all primary producers to: immediately deduct the cost of fencing and water facilities such as dams, tanks, bores, irrigation channels, pumps, water towers and windmills! depreciate over three years the cost of fodder storage assets such as silos […]